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Quick Overview

Welcome to the Data Driven Environment for Multiphysics Applications (DDEMA) research project site. We are building DDEMA as a research Multidiscipline Problem Solving Environment (MPSE) with emphasis on complex multiphysics applications. Large amounts of collected data in a-priori or real time fashion are used to determine and form the appropriate behavioral  model and its implementation to enable on-board or remote system behavior prediction for mission relevant decision support.

Distributed heterogeneous and flexible computing platforms are to be used for the hardware implementation of the various proofs of concepts.

Our team includes researchers from five main institutions i.e. Stanford University, Naval Research Laboratory, Purdue University, University of Colorado, and University of Thessaly.


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This website is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.  ITR-0205663
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  • 1st GRID PLUGTEST - October 04
  • ASME-CIE - September 04
  • ICCS04 - June 04
  • ASME-CIE - September 03
  • PIs Meeting - July 03
  • 7th USNCCM - July 03
  • ICCS03 - June 03
  • NRL-Purdue Meeting - Oct. 02
  • Kickoff Meeting - August 02
  • January 05- Java Agents for MPI (JAMPI) Prototype  goes in alpha.
  • December 04 - JAERO goes in beta.
  • Oct. 04 Agentware comparison
  • June 1 03 - Prototype  Architecture sketched out
  • March 30 03 -  Architecture completed

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